Professional Long-Lasting Protection for Wood

Decks – Docks – Fences – Doors – Stairs – Exteriors

Prevents Water Entry, Decay, Wood Rot, Warping, Swelling, Grain Raising, Splitting – Repels Insects Including Most Termites

Deep Penetrating Long-Lasting Silicone Sealers Not Acrylic or Polyurethane Coatings

Did You Know Pressure Treated Wood is Not Waterproof and Will Rot and Decay?

Solvent Based



Weatherproofs, Protects, Preserves Wood

WS100 Is a breathable, organo-silicone polymer that  stops damage by preventing water infiltration.  Designed for porous woods usually conifers, softwoods such as pine …

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Solvent Based



Prevents Water Entry, Resists Microorganisms, Fire Retardant

CS100 prevents wood rot, resistant to insects, many forms of termites; water resistant, retards spread of fire, keeps wood surfaces looking new, last for years …

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Coming Second Quarter 2021


WS200, WS300

Powerful Protection from Water Damage

All Purpose Silicone-based Enhancing Sealer

New for 2021, water-based wood protection, prevents water entry, wood rot and damage, in five wood stain colors plus natural.

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