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Our mission continues to be to produce the best performing sealant products feasible. The underlying goal of our research continues to be to develop a limited number of world class, leading technology sealant products that preserve and protect and in some cases, repair the substrates they are applied upon and in the case of our wet look products, bring out the rich color of stone, pavers and other substrates. Our business strategy is to bring these unprecedented, premium products to the market at non-premium prices; much more for much less.

Our products are based on the newest, most advanced technology and chemicals available. Our silicone products are proprietary silicon/siloxane/silane, silicate and proprietary formulations that provide high performance solutions for the many types of stone, tile, plaster, cementous materials and wood; not only do they fill the voids in competitive technology they set the standard for performance.For example, stone that is porous such as limestone or sandstone requires unique combinations of siloxanes and silanes very different than requirements for flagstone or slate. Penetration, molecular size, surface coverage, consolidation/cross linking, cure times and aesthetic change are all properties associated with silicone formulation and are meticulously considered in the creation of our sealants.

Our Wet Look products use proprietary acrylic and urathane technology to penetrate deeper, provide superior bonding, resist hydrostatic pressures and last much longer; features not available in many competitive products. Our wet look products range from high gloss finishes to low-sheen finishes and pure acrylic technology to an industry leading combinations of acrylic and silicon technology that is breathable.

Once developed, these products undergo rigorous evaluations where they are tested using established testing and field standards.

Equally important, our product focus is on making application simple, easy and fast and many times forgiving. Most, once applied, begin bonding in seconds and cure in minutes and can be applied on damp surfaces and are impervious to immediate rain. Most allow traffic within 20 – 30 minutes. In contrast typical competitive products can require many hours and often days to bond and cure and can require reapplication if rainfall occurs prior to full curing.

Our wood sealant is not a product that last only six months such as those carried by the big box stores. Instead it protects wood including treaded lumber from decay, termites, splitting and warping for three to five years, and often much longer. By making materials such as wood last longer, we assist in the conservation of one of nature’s most significant natural resources.

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