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Sealant Products That

Serveon has the industry’s broadest range of water and solvent based sealers.

For ease in finding the best sealer for your project,  we’ve grouped these into five application categories.

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Hard Surface Protection from Salt, Water, Weather & Stains

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These are exceptional sealants that are specially  formulated to protect many different types of substrates for years
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Color Rich, Wet Look Enhancement & Protection

Wetlook 6 Brick Driveway half treated contrast

Whether it’s a driveway or a patio, Serveon’s wet look enhancing sealers bring out the rich colors in gloss, matte or low sheen finishes
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Unique Specialty Sealant Solutions for Special Situations

Green Black on pavers large crop

Sealants that prevent ugly, unsightly black and green algae/mold for years; Sealants that extend the life of decaying, flaking stone and more
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Powerful Wood Protection that Lasts for Years

Wood protection

Serveon’s wood sealants stop wood from decay, rot, warp and repel many insects for years not months
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Concrete Sealants and Additives

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SCP sealers strengthen,  prevent efflorescence, waterproof. repel soil and dirt stains, Mix additives for special results
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