"Populous, the global design firm which designs stadiums, ballparks and other public assembly spaces such as Texas A&M University’s Kyle Field and recently the Atlanta Braves’ new ballpark, chose Serveon products to preserve and protect the custom marble and granite areas in both facilities."

- Scott Gibson, Sr. Architect Technician

Brandywine Realty Trust

"Serveon’s products CN100 and NS200 combined to make and excellent seal on lueders limestone in my pool, under water constantly. I have a 10 year old pool with a tanning ledge that has a lueders limestone surface that was shedding in the pool. I installed the CN100 first and then the NS200 over a year ago and the ledge has never looked better. My pool stays cleaner and the water is much softer. I would recommend this product to anyone and have already done so to a friend who builds pools as well as a commercial office building owner. Thanks again, and the good news is it’s been in the pool for over a year and still going strong."

- Don Weekley, General Manager

Outdoor Consultants & Design, Inc.

"I had a swimming pool that had a Travertine Water Line Tile. Initially the pool developed a crack that caused the pool to lose water. After we got the crack repaired we kept losing water to the bottom of the water line tile. I tested both skimmers for leaks; I did die testing on various areas of the water line tile and tested light niches returns etc. So the only other thing I thought it could be was the waterline tile....You recommended the RS 800 and explained how I was to install it...The results were amazing. It totally stopped the leaking , I sealed every square inch of the water line tile and it stopped it. Trying to find out exactly what tile are areas of tile that were leaking would have been and impossible task. I wish I would’ve done this 30 man hours earlier. Thanks again for the help and support on this project."

- John Dermody, Design and Construction Coordinator


"Paverock chose Serveon after years of trying different brands of sealers. Simply put in no uncertain terms their products work. We are proud to call Serveon our only supplier. Our customers are happy with their finished perfect results every time. If you're in the business of specialty coatings and may be thinking about trying their products, drop your buckets boys and run to Serveon. You"ll never use anything else."

- Kenneth Von Lanni, Director
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