Specialty Sealants That Solve Unique Protection & Cleaning Issues

Patios – Pools – Tile – Grout – Wood Decks – Landscaping – Walkways – Home & Building Exteriors

Specialty Sealers That Keep Surfaces Free of Ugly Algae & Mold for Years

Specialty Sealers that Stop Stone Deterioration & Flaking, Stop or Greatly Reduce Salt – Water Erosion


Solvent Based



Prevents Black Algae & Mold for 5 to 7 Years

CS100 is proprietary sealer that is particularly effective on concrete and limestone preventing black algae/mold for up to 7 years; prevents salt-water erosion, and retains the natural look of most stone…

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Algae Stop

Prevents Green, Pink & Black Algae

CS200 is a proprietary sealer for stone, concrete and wood.  It prevents most ugly algae/mold colors for up to two years and more even in moist, dark situations…

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Solvent Based


Consolidator – Densifier

Stops Stone & Concrete Deterioration

CN100 Is a powerful, proprietary cross-linking consolidation  sealer that stabilizes decay and flaking in natural stone and concrete.  It replaces the natural binding materials lost to deterioration, decay, salt erosion, acid rain…

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An Awesome Cleaner for Limestone & Concrete; Plus Removes Mortar/Grout Haze and Residue



Clean Choice Cleaner & Descaler

Concentrated, Powerful, Biodegradable Cleaner

CL500 is formulated to penetrate below the surface and lift stains from cementous materials and limestone.  It will remove oil stains, dirt and grime stains, red clay stains, mold and algae stains, efflorescence, hard…

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Neutralizing Rinse

Restores PH Value – Neutralizes Cleaner Acid Residue

NU100 restores the proper PH value after an acid cleaning.  Sealers will bond better to the surface reducing the  likelihood of premature failure…

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