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Concrete Densifier Plus Water Repellent – SD600

A non-hazardous, densifier, hardener, and water proofing sealer for new and existing concrete surfaces. Treated surfaces are resistant to water damage and surface abrasion/cracking while reducing dusting and simplifying maintenance

SD600 is a multi-phase penetrating lithium-colloidal based proprietary silicate treatment that reacts with concrete to produce insoluble calcium silicate hydrate that locks aggregate together and fills vacant concrete pores strengthening and hardening concrete while building a water-resistant matrix. SD600 will not contribute to surface ASR (Alkali Silicate Reaction).

The tetrahedral silicate monomer technology incorporated in SD600 provides water repellant protection superior to silane and siloxane emulsions, silicates, petroleum distillates and other common water repellants.

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Application Highlights


  • Gunite Pools
  • Raised Walls
  • Shower Pans


  • Full cure 48 hours
  • May slightly darken
  • Apply two saturation coats wet on wet
  • Safe, easy to apply


  • Typically outdoors
  • Horizontal and vertical


  • One-gallon bottles
  • Five-gallon pails

Regulatory Compliance: VOC Compliance; This product is compliant with the following national, state, and district AIM VOC regulations, US environmental Protection Agency, California Air Resources Board SCM Districts, South Coast Air Quality Management Districts, Maricopa County AZ, and Northeast Ozone Transport Commission.