Factors for great sealing experience

Factors to make a great sealing experience

Make your installation an inspiration, not a lesson!


Although stone is typically hard, some are soft and subject to decay; over time all stone and concrete is vulnerable to weathering plus wear from foot and vehicle traffic, and if around pools from chlorine and salt erosion.  Sealing can protect the surfaces from wear, weather, damage, deterioration, staining, discoloring algae and prolong the life by strengthening and shielding keeping it looking clean and new for years.

Over the years we have learned a few “Do’s and Don’ts” when it comes to sealing. We would like to pass along these tips to make sure your installation is trouble free.

Application Do’s and Don’ts                                

BE SURE TO PROTECT passersby, building occupants, people, vehicles, property, plants, painted surfaces and other surfaces from accidental overspray, residue, splash, fumes and especially wind drift.  Wind drift carrying spray can carry sealers to unintended areas.

ALWAYS CLEAN THE SURFACE PRIOR TO SEALING:  Remove dirt, leaves, loose particles, loose stone, grease and stains before application.  This is usually best done by power washing.  Whatever is not removed will be permanently sealed onto the surface.

DO NOT APPLY OVER PREVIOUSLY SEALED AREAS: If unsure if application area has been sealed before, test a small area.  If the sealer does not absorb or beads, this indicates prior sealing or too dense a substrate; applying the product over a previously sealed area can result in a white haze or oily film forming on the surface that is difficult to remove.

SURFACE MOISTURE: For most sealants, be sure no water is applied, power washing etc., or heavy rain occurs for a minimum 24 – 48 hours prior to application. If the area to be treated has been underwater for long periods such as a waterfall or the backside of the substrate is adjacent to water, additional drying time will be necessary.  If unsure of substrate moisture content, test with a moisture meter.  The test area and application area for most Serveon sealants must be THOROUGHLY DRY before application.  Applying the product over an area that is not dry will usually result in a white haze forming on the surface that is difficult to remove.

DO NOT apply sealant products on non-porous, very dense stone, glazed tile or glazed/fired brick. Most products will not absorb into these materials.  Test a small area. If the product does not absorb and stays on the surface after 3 – 5 minutes the substrate is non-compatible, and the excess sealant should be removed.

SURFACE TEMPERATURE: Do not apply if the surface temperature exceeds 95o F (or) falls below 50o F. For most products, the ideal application temperature is a surface temperature of 55 to 90oF.  In summer months, stone exposed to direct sunlight can be substantially hotter than the ambient temperature.  Sealants need time to penetrate and be absorbed. High heat can evaporate the liquid carrier too quickly leaving unabsorbed chemicals on the surface. If allowed to dry the dried chemical can be difficult to remove. If unsure of surface temperature, test with a inexpensive Thermo Laser Meter.

ALWAYS TEST BEFORE SEALING: Test a small area of each different surface to be sealed for penetration (the product is absorbed into the substrate), possible color change and desired results before starting the overall application.  Test with the same equipment, surface preparation and application procedures the job will be done with.

REMOVE EXCESS PRODUCT:  After product has absorbed, wipe or blow off any excess product remaining on the surface, do not let product “puddle” or pool in low areas and dry.

EACH PRODUCT AND SURFACE IS UNIQUE:  That’s why we encourage you to get the specific Data Sheet and Application Guide for your product.  Why? Because silicone products are different than acrylic products, water-based products are different than solvent-based products and dense surfaces are different than porous surfaces.  Please visit our website at www.serveonsealants.com.

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