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The Special, Deep, Rich Look of “Wet Look” – in Gloss, Low Sheen or Matte

Solvent Based


Wet Look Gloss

All Purpose Acrylic Gloss Sealer

WL100 Is a breathable, long lasting acrylic complex that adheres to almost any surface giving a rich, glossy “we look”.  It is ideal for patios, landscaping…

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Solvent Based


Pavers Only” Wet Look High Gloss

High Solids Acrylic Sealer Ideal for Pavers

WL250 Is a breathable, complex formulated for pavers and concrete that forms a heavy duty coating that powerfully adheres.  It will give a glossy, rich wet look while …

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Solvent Based


Wet Look Low Sheen

Acrylic/Silicone Dual Protection Wet Look Sealer

WL350 Is both a breathable, silicon/acrylic complex  that gives a unique low sheen, rich “wet look” while penetrating to form a protective matrix beneath the acrylic surface film…

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Ultimate Enhancer – RS800
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Ultimate Matte Finish Enhancer

All Purpose Silicone-based Enhancing Sealer

RS800 is a high-performance silicone sealer that enhances and brings out the colors of tile, stone, pavers leaving a non-glossy, matte finish…

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Solvent Based


Last Chance HD Wet Look

HD Film Forming Sealer for Deteriorating Stone

WL500 is heavy acrylic film  developed for application over deteriorating stone with issues from salt water, flaking and other friable conditions…

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Anti Slip Grip Granules

Polypropylene Texturizing Agent

SG100 can be added to acrylic sealers to reduce slipperiness. The high melting point insures consistent texture.  The level of addition determines the degree of texture desired.  SG100 is not abrasive…

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