Dealing With a Flood

You need a product that eliminates and prevents mold for years even if it refloods

CS100 Destroys Mold Prevents Mold Re-Growth

ClearSteel, CS100, is a remarkable product. It encapsulates mold and the mold odor and then prevents mold and many other microorganisms from germinating and reforming for years. In addition, it prevents water entry and when applied on combustiable surfaces suppresses flames from spreading. CS100 is a silicone based product that molecularly bonds to a surface forming a seamless shield that is now a part of the substrate that will not wash away or peal off. When cured it is harmless to humans and pets.

Dealing with interior water damage

Flooding in a home or business is devasta ng. Mold growth is a common occurrence in flood-damaged homes and will rapidly germinate on drywall, wood, carpet,  le, fabrics and other materials that became wet.

CS100 can be applied on sheetrock, concrete, stone,  le, grout, plaster, natural stucco wood and most fabric. and can be applied as a basic applica on or more wide ranging. CS100 is not a cleaner, clean appropriate areas however CS100 can be applied directly over mold and will stop mold odor and spread.

Basic Recommended Application

  • Once sheetrock has been cut out spray CS100 on the wood studs and wood base. The wood should be dry to the touch and have aired out for several days. Mold will penetrate into the wood and is not killed if treated with bleach or some other surface pesticide.
  • CS100 will prevent wood decay and rot and repel most termites.
  • Apply on flooded flooring, cement,  le and stone, and grout; under sinks. CS100
    will prevents water entry and make stain removal and clean up much easier.

Basic Recommended Application

  • Replacement sheetrock can be treated on both sides. ClearSteel will prevent mold from germinating should it becomes re-saturated with flood water. The treated Sheetrock will dry and other than water mark stains returns to its original state.
  • ClearSteel can be painted over—when painted it will prevent mold from germinating on the painted surface.
  • Because ClearSteel molecularly bonds to a surface, its’ effects last for years

Dealing with polluted water on patios and in swimming pools

Patios and wooden decks should be power washed then treated with ClearSteel. ClearSteel will eliminate most fungus, molds and damaging microorganisms found in flood waters and will keep the treated areas clean. On wood decks it will prevent wood decay, rot and warping.

Swimming pools should be drained and the surface area cleaned of any residue or power washed. Treating with CS100 will provide a microorganism free surface and prevent future mold growth.

ClearSteel was tested using ASTM D 6329-98 and ASTM D 5590-00.

ClearSteel – CS100

CS100 is a remarkable, breakthrough silicone sealant: (1) it stops discoloring from ugly algae, mold and fungi (“microorganisms”) on brick, masonry, stucco, grout, concrete, stone, vinyl, tile, plaster, roofs, wood and …

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